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Mi band 5 pro price

Mi band 5 pro price

The Mi Band 5 recently launched in India with a slightly bigger 1. However, the strengths of Xiaomi bands have been the huge third-party developer support. The latest successor, Mi Band 5 also enjoys the same.

Best Mi Band 5 Apps, Tips & Tricks To Use It Like A Pro

You can display map directions, mirror screen your phone, sync data to Strava, pick up calls, design watch faces, and much more. Further, the steps are quite explanatory, and make sure you provide appropriate permission as required. Similar to other fitness bands, the Mi Band 5 can also display calls ID on the band. Turns out there is a workaround to accept calls with your Mi Band 5 and take calls on your Bluetooth earphones connected to the phone.

To get started, head over to the Notify for Mi Band app that we downloaded before. Tap on the Gear icon at the top-right corner to go to the band settings.

Once done, the Mute button on the Mi Band 5 will be mapped to accept calls. We all use Google Maps for directions. In order to set it up, head over to the Settings tab of the Notify for Mi Band app. Now, the app will start mirroring your Android screen to the Mi Band within a second interval.

Once you open the Google Maps direction, the directions will also be synced to the band. It does not work when you turn off the Android display. In order to overcome that, just manually stop screencasting from the Notification shade once the Google Maps direction page is synced. The previous-gen, Mi Band 4 allowed you to set third-party watch faces with apps like Amazfaces.

But, now with the Mi Band 5, you have the option to create your own watch face directly from the Mi Fit app. Under the custom dial option, you will have the option to upload a custom background.

You can select any picture from your gallery, crop it, and adjust it accordingly. Another useful feature of Notify for Mi Band app is the ability to customize any touch action on the Mi Band 5 pro feature. This only works when music is not playing on the phone.

To do that, head over to the Notify for Mi Band app and navigate to the Settings tab. Next, we need to select a contact that we want to keep on speed dial. You have to keep the app in the foreground or at least make sure that the app is open when you lock your phone.

The Mi Fit cannot sync to any other app except Google Fit. So, in case, you use apps like Stravayou would have to record your workout at both the places separately.

Post this setup, every workout that you sync with the Mi Fit app will be uploaded to Strava. You can even uninstall the Zepp app and this bond will still work. In order to stop uploading to the Strava app, you will have to unlink your Strava account from the Mi ID within the Zepp app. It basically triggers the alarm based on your sleep stage. For instance, if you set up an alarm for AM. The band will start monitoring your sleep 30 minutes prior to the alarm time i.

You will find alarm presets under the Alarms section. Turn on the toggle beside the alarm.Everything from the display to the sensors, to the processor, gets an upgrade on the new Mi Band, making it more feature-rich than ever.

It measures 1. It also comes with a 2. You can also customize the band interface by adding function modules based on your preference, everyday mood, and personal style. The Mi Band 5 also gets several new sports modes; 11 to be precise. In contrast, the Mi Band 4 offered a total of six sports modes. Check out all the new sports modes below. Besides the added sports modes, the Mi Band 5 gets many new tracking features and improvements. The Mi Band 5 now has improved sleep monitoring, with continuous heart rate tracking as you snooze.

Xiaomi claims this will help identify sleep problems such as irregular and sporadic sleep patterns, and rapid eye movement. Based on the data collected, the app will give you suggestions on how to improve your sleep quality. The Mi Band 5 also gets a built-in SpO2 or blood oxygen tracker. This was absent from the Mi Band 4.

The tracker can apparently detect your blood oxygen saturation levels every second, for eight hours in a row. This continuous SpO2 monitoring is also aimed at improving sleep quality. Other new features include menstruation cycle tracking, breath training, remote control for your smartphone camera, and a new PAI Vitality Index.

It essentially gamifies health tracking by giving you a score between based on your daily activity and heart rate. Apart from the new sports modes and tracking features, the Mi Band 5 also brings a major design tweak. Traditionally, all Mi Bands have had to be popped out of their silicone straps for charging.

The new Mi Band 5 does away with that hassle and brings all-new magnetic charging onboard. The band has a mAh battery which, Xiaomi claims, can keep the lights on for up to 14 days on a full charge.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 comes bearing the same affordable price tag as its predecessor. Both models will go on sale in China on June Xiaomi also seems to be readying the launch of the wearable in India. This suggests that the launch of the Mi Band 5 in India could be imminent. Fitness trackers have come an extremely long way over the years.

No longer are they glorified pedometers; most standard fitness trackers nowadays can track your steps taken, distance traveled, caloric burn, and even your sleeping …. More posts about Xiaomi.

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The best fitness trackers January Jimmy Westenberg 2 days ago. When should you expect to receive the Android 10 update? Updated January 17 Mitja Rutnik 4 days ago. These are the best Xiaomi phones you can buy Mitja Rutnik 5 days ago.

Xiaomi responds to US blacklist, denies Chinese military connection C. Scott Brown 6 days ago.Data obtained from Huami Labs. Test data obtained from Huami Labs. The water resistance rating is 5 ATM equivalent to a depth of 50 m under waterallowing the device to be worn while showering and swimming, but not in saunas or when diving.

Various factors can influence battery life such as settings used, the way the device is operated, environmental conditions and so on, all of which may result in battery life in actual use differing from that found in lab data.

To minimize scalper activities and protect the interests of Mi fans, delivery address cannot be changed. In the event of product price adjustment prior to delivery, price of paid orders will not be affected. I have read and agreed to the Xiaomi Online.

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This product has been added to your Notification List. If stocks arrive within 30 days, we will use your contact details to keep you updated. Due to COVID, the ongoing health and containment emergency measures may cause service delays at logistic couriers and Xiaomi authorized service centers until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and support. Mi account Sign Out. My Orders. Mi Phones Mi 10T Pro.

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Everything you need to know about the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 (Update: Global launch)

Mi Note 10 Lite. POCO M3. Redmi Note 9T. Redmi 9T. Redmi 9C. Redmi 9A. Redmi 9. Mi Laser Projector ''. Mi Smart Compact Projector. Mi Smart Band 5. Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic. Mi Electric Scooter 1S. Mi Smart Band 4C. Quick Links. Large dynamic color-display.

Large 1. Which is your favorite? Vibrant yellow or light green? As many as six colors, to freshen up your summer wardrobe. Supports Yoga, rowing machine, jump rope and more for the first time, accurately monitoring and analyzing every move you make. Monitors and analyzes your heart rate, pace and calories burned to help you reach your weight loss goals.

mi band 5 pro price

Rowing machine. Outdoor running.Everything on one screen. The personal vitality index is calculated using gender, age, heart rate and other vital data points and offers suggestions for activities that may improve your score. Based on your personal profile, heart rate, and fitness level. Algorithm tracks heart rate and gives you your PAI score. A fun yet powerful aerobic exercise that helps you to strengthen your lower limbs and shape your legs at the same time. Burns fat while strengthening the heart and lungs.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 review

Fast, continuous jump rope burns calories by increasing your heart rate within a very short time. Improves flexibility, builds muscle strength, perfects your posture, and drains out physical and mental health, among many other benefits. A fat-burning work-out that strengthens your lower limbs while minimizing the impact on your knees. Increase the resistance and get going! Vibrating reminders tell you when your heart rate is unusually high. Chart is for illustrative purposes only and is not of the actual display.

An important sleep stage that allows the body to recover. All-new women's health tracking for recording and reminding during the menstrual cycle. Records the menstrual cycle and ovulation phases and gives useful reminders beforehand.

The more you use it, the more it understands you. Keeps track of your stress levels and gives suggestions for easing and recovering from stress. One place to set and track your fitness goals, right from step count to sleep analysis and your PAI score. It works seamlessly on both Android and iOS. To minimize scalper activities and protect the interests of Mi fans, delivery address cannot be changed. In the event of product price adjustment prior to delivery, price of paid orders will not be affected.

This product has been added to your Notification List. If stocks arrive within 30 days, we will use your contact details to keep you updated. Cart 0. Sign in Sign up. My Orders. Mi MIX Alpha. View More. Mi TV 4X It delivers core fitness tracking features well, and improvements made to the color display and richer sports tracking make it more desirable. The major disappointment is the fact that the global edition is missing NFC, voice assistant support and some new watch faces — all of which are only available in China.

Away from monitoring your health and fitness, it will also let you view phone notifications for both Android phones and iPhones, let you control music playing on your phone and check the weather. That can all be done from a full colour touchscreen display, which has seen an improvement in resolution and in brightness. The design remains undeniably sporty and it's still fit to be worn while showering and swimming.

Battery life is slated to be 14 days, which is more than what you can expect from rival trackers like the best Fitbit and Samsung devices.

The global Mi Smart Band 5 does miss out on some desirable features including NFC for payments and Xiao AI smart assistant, but still offers a great fitness tracking experience for the money. You will get the Chinese version but if you install the Mi Fit application, update the firmware and sync the band, you will be able to change the language from Chinese to English.

The price excludes delivery and any import fees or taxes. It still pairs up a similar-looking tracker module with a TPU plastic strap that comes in six different colors compared to eight for the Chinese version. Xiaomi uses a 1. Xiaomi has also upped things in the brightness department, cranking up the max to nits.

The result is a display that pretty much wipes the floor with the competition. The Mi Smart Band 5's screen is bright, colorful, responsive and crucially, easy to view in bright sunlight.

That extra screen real estate is also welcome because it means more information can be displayed at once, which is most noticeable on the watch screen. Xiaomi also seems to have increased the size of its icons, making it easier to glance at your information during the day. A more important detail to highlight around back is the change in the way the Mi Band is charged.

Previously, you had to pull the tracker module out of the strap to plug it into its charging cradle. The new magnetic charging cable plugs directly into the back of the tracker, which means you no longer need to separate the tracker from the band. Like its predecessor, the Mi Smart Band 5 has a 5ATM waterproof rating, which does make it suitable for jumping in the shower with it or putting its pool swim tracking features to good use.

Bottom line: it crams in a lot. Music playback controls and weather forecasts are well optimized, but notifications still feel a little cramped.

You also have more control over what health and fitness data is displayed on those faces, which can be changed on the device itself. It does seem that at least for the time being, Xiaomi has left out some of the more high profile branded faces it announced at launch, including the SpongeBob SquarePants faces we were very much looking forward to trying out.

The Mi Smart Band 5 is light and comfortable to wear at night, and will automatically go about its business monitoring your sleep. In terms of the reliability of the data, we found that it tended to be in the ballpark for most data compared to another fitness tracker. It generally recorded the same amount of deep sleep and light sleep and usually an hour less of REM sleep.

mi band 5 pro price

The sleep regularity and analysis are nice additions to the monitoring process too. Xiaomi's fitness trackers have long been praised for their battery life, though this new model offers slightly less impressive performance than its predecessor. The Mi Smart Band 5 houses a mAh battery, which promises 14 days of uninterrupted use, whereas the Mi Band 4's mAh battery could last 20 days.

It is indeed possible to keep the Mi Smart Band 5 running for two weeks between charges, but what is very clear is that there are more features here that demand a lot more of that battery. Heart rate monitoring and turning on the sleep assistant for more accurate sleep tracking particularly have a noticeable impact. The Mi Smart Band 5 relies on the same sensors as its predecessor to deliver its fitness tracking features: namely accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors, plus a heart rate monitor.From middle school to high school to college through college graduation, we are there every step of the way.

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mi band 5 pro price

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